Setting up dreams

I have finally put my big girl pants on and am now dedicated to making my dreams come true on my own. At least I am trying.

Applying to jobs in the field of communications have been a bust. After two long years I finally got the hint. If I want in, I have to dig my own tunnel and create my own door.

I have been successful in getting a few works published but the amount printed and the queries rejected cannot be compared.

I am still pitching, that will never stop. Though I got to say, being rejected as much as I have takes a toll on the high spirits. My new approach is to network.

Through Instagram, LinkedIn, trying to figure out Facebook, networking is key.

I have decided to sign myself up with Upwork. I find joy in feeling validated when responding yes, to the question, “are you a writer?”

That is the plan for now. Keep writing, connecting and putting my work out on the web.

You want something done right, you got to do it yourself.


You are worth the hurt 

This morning I had a realization about human worth. I was in a relationship a year ago. It ended because the man I was with was not willing to move, if I received a job offer. He was afraid of “getting hurt”. Our breakup took a toll on me. I was devastated. 

Almost two years later, this morning laying in bed I realized he did not value me. He broke up with me because he feared I would move away and he refused to make the move. He did care about me, truly, but I was not worth the heartache that would come after my departure. 

That is when I realized this is not someone I should be with. I deserve to be with someone who knows my worth. No, I deserve someone who vaules, appreciates and wants me. No matter the fact that at some point they will get hurt. Its inevitable! The focus should depend on whether the person is worth the hurt.