Setting up dreams

I have finally put my big girl pants on and am now dedicated to making my dreams come true on my own. At least I am trying.

Applying to jobs in the field of communications have been a bust. After two long years I finally got the hint. If I want in, I have to dig my own tunnel and create my own door.

I have been successful in getting a few works published but the amount printed and the queries rejected cannot be compared.

I am still pitching, that will never stop. Though I got to say, being rejected as much as I have takes a toll on the high spirits. My new approach is to network.

Through Instagram, LinkedIn, trying to figure out Facebook, networking is key.

I have decided to sign myself up with Upwork. I find joy in feeling validated when responding yes, to the question, “are you a writer?”

That is the plan for now. Keep writing, connecting and putting my work out on the web.

You want something done right, you got to do it yourself.

Embrace the mess. 

I am currently watching Being Mary Jane:The series, on NetflixAt the beginning of the first episode Gabrielle Union, who plays the lead quickly rushes all over her house to tidy up. She does a few adjustments to her own look, all because of a booty call showing up unexpectedly. I laughed so hard. 

When I was 18, living in Bangkok, Thailand, sometimes on the weekends you would find me doing the exact same thing. Meeting my one night stands were always random. Never planned out. This meant at the end of the night after the club’s closed, heading back to my place I would remember how dirty it was! I would make my partner of the night wait out in the coordinator, (I lived in a condominium) while I would go through my entire place like the Tasmanian devil. 

Throwing dirty clothes in the closet. Using said dirty clothes, to wipe off the mess on the counters. Then having to freshen myself up, all within 5 mins. This was always needed…clubbing in a tropical, humid climate does not flatter you when the lights go up. 

8 years later and I no longer make my gentlemen caller wait out in that hallway. I just don’t care. We both only care about one thing and it isn’t the state of my place…

Whether he is with you because he likes you or simply just wants to screw you. You should never have to feel like you have to change yourself or your dwelling because you’re embarrassed. Embrace it and he won’t even notice. At least not in the moment…