Setting up dreams

I have finally put my big girl pants on and am now dedicated to making my dreams come true on my own. At least I am trying.

Applying to jobs in the field of communications have been a bust. After two long years I finally got the hint. If I want in, I have to dig my own tunnel and create my own door.

I have been successful in getting a few works published but the amount printed and the queries rejected cannot be compared.

I am still pitching, that will never stop. Though I got to say, being rejected as much as I have takes a toll on the high spirits. My new approach is to network.

Through Instagram, LinkedIn, trying to figure out Facebook, networking is key.

I have decided to sign myself up with Upwork. I find joy in feeling validated when responding yes, to the question, “are you a writer?”

That is the plan for now. Keep writing, connecting and putting my work out on the web.

You want something done right, you got to do it yourself.


Know when to walk away

On a recent trip to Las Vegas, I was reminded on how important it is to know when to walk away.

Knowing when to get out while your are ahead is not only important in gambling but life in general. 

A lot of individuals are fixated on how much they have put into the game. Unknowingly making matters worse for themselves because they are focusing on the amount of time, energy, and money spent. For some, walking away can be difficult, even heart wrenching to even consider.

While I was in Las Vegas, not only was I falling victim to this mindset at the tables but also with a friendship. 

I was fixated on getting my investment back. I had put in so much time, effort and money in both circumstances. The thought of walking away was out of the question. I was determined to win my money back, and my friend. In the end I lost both. 

It doesn’t matter if you played your cards right. If you followed the book and did nothing wrong. Sometimes it simply was not meant to be. 

There are going to be events, places and most importantly people who you are going to invest in. Only time will show whether or not you made a wise choice. Once you see the end result, try not to focus on what you lost. Instead look at what you gained by walking away.